Selling your business.

Business Acquisitions, Ltd. is committed to providing the highest standards of professional broker service to all parties involved in the complex process of transferring business ownership.

Selling a Business

Your company represents a major portion of your net worth. Selling your business can be a very complicated and time-consuming process. It is important to choose a firm with the expertise to handle the entire process. Business Acquisitions, Ltd. has developed a process over more than three decades to facilitate the successful
sale of your business.

The business sale process includes:

Determining your needs – Understanding your personal and professional goals is the first step in developing a transaction plan that meets your needs.

Evaluating your position – While we recognize that your company’s success has likely been a result of years of hard work and sacrifice, our professionals will consider all factors to determine a true market value for your business.

Timing the sale – Selling a company at the optimum time is paramount to achieving desired results. Our evaluation will determine if now is the optimal time to realize your objectives.

Developing the prospectus – Once you have made the decision to sell, we create a Confidential Business Review to provide investors/buyers with a presentation of your company.

Identifying qualified investors/buyers – Business Acquisitions, Ltd.’s targeted marketing approach is customized for each client to confidentially locate qualified strategic and financial buyers for your company.

Completing the transaction – Facilitating meetings, soliciting letters of intent, negotiating and structuring the terms of sale, identifying financing sources and managing the due diligence process will optimize the process.

Coordinating the closing process – We work diligently with your legal and accounting team to bring your transaction to a successful conclusion. We have the knowledge and resources to handle the sale of your business, allowing you to concentrate on managing it.

Why engage a business broker from Business Acquisitions, Ltd.?

At Business Acquisitions, Ltd., we understand that you have committed considerable time and resources to build your business. The decision to sell is complex, stressful and often emotional.

Successfully transferring ownership of your business requires objective thinking, sound planning and extensive knowledge. Business Acquisitions, Ltd., will leverage its decades of industry experience and a vast network of professional relationships to help you successfully sell your company.

    Our relationships in the business community place Business Acquisitions, Ltd. in the center of the transaction marketplace. From valuation and presentation to investor psychology and negotiation, we have the knowledge to complete the sale of your business. We are recognized as one of Denver’s most professional and highly regarded business intermediator firm as evidenced by our ongoing referrals from attorneys, accountants, trusted advisors and clients.
    We have completed close to 1,000 transactions in a wide variety of industries. We understand that every transaction is unique and has its own complexities.
    We work with your professional team of advisers and as an intermediary between you and potential buyers/investors.
    We are sensitive to your need for confidentiality. Protecting your business and your relationships with employees, customers and suppliers is our highest priority.

    The brokers at Business Acquisitions, Ltd. specialize in the sale of privately held companies in Denver, Colorado and the Rocky Mountain region. Our knowledge and experience in solving problems and overcoming objections is often the difference between a successful outcome and a failed transaction.

    At Business Acquisitions, Ltd., selling businesses is our only business!

    Privately Held Company – The Report on Transaction Issues


Thinking of Selling? We would like to offer you a complimentary Estimate of Market Value for your business, including a no-obligation consultation with a licensed Broker.

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