5470 — Highly-Reputable Excavating Company

Rebounding strongly from a weather related down year, this well-established excavating company serving commercial, residential and municipal customers in the Metro Denver area is poised to record a banner year. Highly respected, with an impressive array of diversified services, this Company provides an excellent acquisition opportunity for a qualified purchaser. Providing unparallel service for over two decades, this Company has a dedicated staff of well trained and customer service oriented employees many of whom have been with the company for years. The Company has made a concerted effort to build excellent relationships with their customers by offering outstanding customer service. This combined with their diversified range of services result in considerable repeat and referral business. Providing demolition, excavation, sewer line installation, emergency service work and more, the Company is well positioned, even during economic downturns.   The Company possesses an impressive fleet of excavating equipment. Because the Company is often in a position to have to turn down jobs which it does not have capacity to take, there has been limited need for marketing. With the expected continuation of population growth and construction activity in the Rocky Mountain region, future prospects look excellent. Additionally, there is further potential for expansion by implementing specifically identified marketing and expansion strategies. Ready to retire, the current owner looks forward to transitioning the business to a qualified purchaser.




 Excavating Services
 Denver metro